We are getting married!

After having searched for each other for more than 25 years we are now happy to announce that we will celebrate our wedding together on

November 4th 2015


Our Story

When I first meet Margaret she looked like a hippie with her long blonde hair and big bell bottoms.We ended our 3 years “long distance relationship” when Margaret moved to San Diego and we finally lived close to each other. When I asked Margaret to marry me she thought I was joking because I had a history of fake proposing at really in opportune times because i thought it was funny.

Margaret asked Alex to be “official” summer of 2004 before school ended. Alex prepared a 5 course lobster dinner on Valentines Day, 2005 and had roommates dress up and wait on us.Alex proposed to me in the tallest building in downtown San Diego over looking in the city.

Who are we?

The most important participants

The Groom


Margaret and I met in college at Azusa Pacific University in the fall of 2003.I remember seeing Margaret around campus and thinking that she is very intimidating and I did not have the courage to talk to her.After being introduced I could not have been more wrong about my sweet Margaret. See is so adorable, kind hearted, thoughtful, goofy, fun, nice, easy going, creative and really really hot.What attracted me to Margaret was her love for God and her positive attitude.

Not many things bring me more joy then Margaret laughing out loud. We have been dating officially for seven years. Unfortunately, we did the long distance relationship for 3 years which is the reason we are not currently married. It has been an amazing 7 years and I am so looking forward to starting anew life together. Margaret means so much to me and I can’t believe she is actually going to marry me.

The Bride


Alex is my best friend. He is charming, reliable, funny, God-loving, and sensitive all in one big, attractive, manly package. I first met Alex on an impromptu trip to the local grocery store near Azusa Pacific University. I was extremely hyper and acting silly around some good friends. I was sure Alex thought I was crazy, but I thought he was too cool for me anyway.

I saw him a lot after that day and the more I saw him the more I wanted to be around him. So much so that I even followed him around at a weekend get-together so he would notice me! I am so I endeavored stalking him because that sparked, what is now , our 7 year relationship and I could not be any more excited to see what God has planned for my Boo and I!

The Groomsmen

Frank Wood
Marco Bandanio
Marcus Cole

The Bridesmaids

Sara Atkins
Laura Lane
Carol Green

Wedding Details

on November 4th 2015

Main Ceremony

Rosegarden Chappel / 2:30pm – 3:30pm

165 Frankwin Avenue
Orlando, Florida – US

Wedding Dinner & Party

Rosegarden Country Club / 4:30pm – Late

37 Castle Road
Orlando, Florida – US


Some hotels nearby

Hilton Grand

8122 Arrezzo Way, Orlando, FL 32821

Sheraton Lake Buena Vista Resort

 12205 S Apopka Vineland Rd, Orlando, FL 32836

We got several deals with nearby hotels if you are visiting from outside Orlando.
If you need any help with booking let us know!


Please let us know if you are able to attend and if so, if you bring someone. We can’t wait to see you at our wedding!

Our Footnote

Finally we really like to thank all you guys for being with us. We sincerely  hope for a great day and moments together during our wedding. We tried our best to provide a detailed website with all the required information for all the attending guests. If you have further ideas to improve our wedding site, you know how to find us!